UT researcher earns national attention for toy study

The University of Toledo was recently featured on CBS This Morning for research conducted by a faculty member in the College of Health and Human Services.

Alexia Metz, PhD, UT associate professor of occupational therapy, studied whether the number of toys in a toddler’s environment influenced their quality of play. When toddlers had exposure to fewer toys, they played twice as long with the toys they had and in more sophisticated ways.

The research, published in the February issue of Infant Behavior and Development, was released during the height of the holiday shopping season, sparking interest from CBS and other national media outlets.

Fewer toys for Christmas?
The UT research led the national news program's "Things You May Not Know" feature on Christmas Day about how fewer toys may help toddlers learn better. Co-Host Gayle King noted, "This study makes a whole lot of sense to me."

Additional Headlines

The UT research was mentioned in news outlets across the country. Here are a few more articles about the study:
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(Note the USA Today article was published in more than a dozen additional Gannett newspapers)
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University Promotions

Too many toys?
The UT video about the research that asked, "Shopping for toys this holiday season? More is not always better," was shared on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
Fewer toys lead to richer play experiences, UT researchers find

Any parent knows how toys seem to magically multiply and take over a house. Do children need so many toys?

A team of University of Toledo researchers studied whether the number of toys in a toddler’s environment influenced their quality of play. Their findings: less is definitely more when it comes to creative, healthy play.

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